I’m running in the rain…

Sometimes when we run in the rain, it’s not a storm, but the blessing of God’s goodness.

…what is man that God is mindful of him? children of men that He would care for them?…*

…God’s blessing on our lives is what makes us rich;

nothing we DO can ever improve on God…**

…for most, rain is a formidable enemy of the well-intentioned exercise enthusiast… watching it through the window brings the realization that to go out in it will inevitably mean the sting on your skin from each cold pellet… feeling the circulation drain from your hands as they take on an icy stiffness… no… running in the rain isn’t appealing…

…for me, running in the rain brings to mind similar thoughts… but those are often drowned by happy memories of my first days as a runner… as a middle school track athlete in Washington, rainy days never permitted cancelled or even shortened practices… it just meant the hot shower afterwards would feel that much warmer when we finished!

…these days, I can’t help but feeling like I’m running in the rain again… yet, this time, it’s not an icy rain or even a tangible rain… it’s a warm rain of God’s blessing on me…!

Yesterday, I found myself brought to tears as I felt incredibly humbled by God’s faithfulness, His provision and love for me… Before making the move to Utah, I struggled with doubt, even as I was confident this was where God was leading me… What is it really like there? Will I be able to find community? For all that I left behind – possessions, family, life-long friendships, familiarity, comfort, networks, connections – would Jesus make good on His promise to make me doubly fruitful?***


In the week that I’ve been here, so many good things have come about that I felt compelled to share this testimony…

In fact, this new adventure isn’t unlike what I experienced on the World Race…

Packing for the Race meant only taking what would fit in your 70L or 30L packs… So, there was much that was left behind… In driving down to Utah, I could only take what fit in my little Honda Accord… Upon arriving here, there was a bed with bedding and extra furniture already in my room to use!

Living in community on the Race meant pouring into your team, your squad… sharing life together, loving each other as iron sharpens iron, uniting towards common goals… At our first meeting, I discovered a similar desire to build community amongst my new roommates…

Growth on the Race meant stepping out of one’s comfort zone and trusting God’s leading with abandon… Since being here, I’ve attended a couple different churches, attended the continuation of a class I started back in Washington, and even volunteered at the local university… New connections have already started forming bringing back that sense of community… job opportunities, friendships, and ministry opportunities…

With the opening of each new door, comes rain… Warm rain of blessing and opportunity! God has been more than faithful in providing for me, in making up for all I’ve left behind…!

Now, even amidst all these new wonders, it’s not to say that I haven’t missed home… family… friends… familiarity… that sense of belonging and being known… comfort… I’m still a PNW girl through and through… I still love my family deeply… My friends are still valued treasures of my life… I still desire to belong and be known…

But I have to testify to God’s faithfulness!

So, whatever you are worrying about… whatever you doubt that God can handle… whatever you’re reluctant to surrender to him… or even to offer him… your singleness… your marriage… your money… your career… your children… your sickness… your health… your hopes… your dreams… whether big or small… Be assured that He is trustworthy! Whatever it is, I urge you, give it to Jesus… put it in His hands today… He is gentle, compassionate, loving, fully capable and trustworthy… He is the Shepherd who left the 99 to find the one… You!

…He who promised is faithful…****

*: Psalm 8:4

** : Proverbs 10:22

*** : Matthew 19:29

**** : Hebrews 10:23

+Picture taken by Sarah Coffey on Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia 2015.


6 thoughts on “I’m running in the rain…

  1. Sarah, you are an inspiration 🙂 I’m SO happy to hear you are connecting! Your joy in God’s faithfulness is beautiful 🙂 Love ya, sista!!


  2. This is so encouraging! I’m so happy for you. Man, if this is one week, I can’t wait to see what a month holds!

    PS…B-e-a-Utiful picture ❤


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