Everything for our enjoyment…

…in the busyness of life, let’s not forget that creation was made for our enjoyment…

…I sat in the airport, charging my phone before boarding the flight… though my body remained still, my mind paced… I’ve always enjoyed flying, but as of late, my mind has wandered into the territory of worst-case scenarios… I hope we don’t crash… is the pilot experienced? Will there be a lot of turbulence? Has everyone been thoroughly screened?? One disaster after another spun through my consciousness…

As soon as we took off, all my worries faded as I gazed in awe at the beauty below… lakes, rivers, forests…. The glimmer of the setting sun, kissing the still waters of the Puget Sound… pockets of lakes and ponds in differing shades of blue… some a rich, deep blue… others a hazy, grey blue… So much beauty!

Soaring higher and higher above the Cascades, more water… but this time covered in a glassy, glossy white… ice and snow blanketed the deep, pristine wells…

In that moment, I was calmed, reminded of God’s goodness…

“…put your hope in God, who richly provides us everything for our enjoyment…”*

God… richly provides us everything for our enjoyment… For our enjoyment!

In the mess of my private thoughts at the airport, I had become overly obsessed with worry about what could happen… All the while, God wanted me to see the beauty of what He created for ME! For me to enjoy!

Have you ever stopped to ponder that?? That all of creation was created out of love for us and for our enjoyment?? Too rarely do I take time to enjoy life… enjoy what God has given me… enjoy those God’s placed in my life… enjoy the fullness of life… this beautiful creation, of which we are the crown… it is all a gift to us

So, the next time worry creeps into your mind, your to-do list runs off the page, or notifications keep buzzing your cell phone, consider that “life is more than food, and the body more than clothes…”**

*1 Timothy 6:17

**Matthew 6:25c

pc: Sarah Coffey, SeaTac, WA


One thought on “Everything for our enjoyment…

  1. Hi Sarah, thanks for this post.  I’m glad you were able to enjoy God’s creation and hope you are able to do more on any given day.  Love you, Karen 

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